Lactobacillus Helveticus: Benefits And Side-Effects


L. Helveticus is a multi-functional rod-shaped probiotic strain that belongs to the family of Lactobacillus bacterium. The probiotic is linked to several potential advantages in the gastrointestinal tract. In addition to helping to improve the well-being of the gut, there is also evidence that L. Helveticus bacterium may be helpful for both mental and oral health. 

AT A GLANCE: This post takes a look at what the benefits of L. Helveticus bacterium are and whether there are any side-effects that you need to be concerned about. 

What Are The Benefits Of L. Helveticus?

Many human studies have been conducted to determine what the Lactobacillus Helveticus strain of bacteria can do. There are many benefits that have already been associated with both food and supplements that contain this bacterium strain. 

Below is a list of potential benefits that you may experience if you decide to use a supplement with this strain of Lactobacillus bacteria:

  • One study found that the use of L. Helveticus could potentially reduce blood pressure levels in people with hypertension. This also reduces damage dealt with the blood vessels and arteries through high blood pressure levels. 
  • There is a study that provided evidence of an improvement in sleep among people who took a supplement that contained L. Helveticus bacterium species. Participants in the study were all elderly patients, but the effects could also be experienced by younger individuals. 
  • When L. Helveticus is combined with B. Longum, there may be a potential reduction in symptoms that are linked to both depression and anxiety mental disorders. 
  • Studies suggest that Lactobacillus Helveticus could potentially assist in the treatment of infections that affect the gastrointestinal tract. There are various bacterial infections of the gut that may benefit from the use of this probiotic. 
  • The probiotic may also be helpful in people with an upper respiratory illness. Healing time seems to be shorter for people who take a supplement with L. Helveticus, compared to those who only received conventional treatment for these illnesses. 
  • The gastrointestinal tract also benefits from this probiotic. Studies show that L. Helveticus helps to promote a healthier digestive system. Gut balance is improved, along with gut stability. 

Possible Side-Effects Of L. Helveticus

Lactobacillus Helveticus is generally a safe probiotic to take. This includes the consumption of the bacteria through dietary supplements. The only concern with the probiotic comes to mind when it is taken with antibiotics or with medication that may alter your immune system. 

Medication like steroids can reduce your immune function. It is advised to avoid L. Helveticus in such scenarios. The probiotic may also become less effective when used alongside an antibiotic drug. 

Some common side-effects from probiotic supplements can be found here.


Lactobacillus Helveticus is a highly beneficial strain of Lactobacillus bacteria that works in the gut, but also has benefits for other parts of the body. The bacterium can be found in food and is already readily available in a wide variety of probiotic supplements. There are a couple of side-effects that you should take note of too, but these are generally mild and will not pose as a threat to your general well-being. 

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