The 7 Key Benefits of Probiotics

As a rule, everything we need, we already have. 

Of course, there are always exceptions, but in the literal case of the body, it is anatomically designed to not only survive but to thrive. However, every narrative needs a villain and in the case of human life, there are things that work against us and effectively do everything in its power to halt this intricate design. 

Stress, excessive sugar and alcohol, pollutants and environmental toxins — these are all things that are very much present in any modern person’s lifestyle, and it has its negative effects. For example, these are often the culprits responsible for the death of friendly and necessary bacteria in the body. 

Now, when speaking of bacteria, it is easy to jump to the conclusion that they’re all bad. But as it turns out, there are the good kind of bacteria that is designed to live harmoniously with the design of the human body.

Probiotics, for example, are kinds of good bacteria as they are live microorganisms that help in more ways than one. 

Thanks to modern science and technology, there are now probiotics that you can take in order to aid in what your body already creates. And there is more than one effect that taking these probiotics can do for your body — and for the better.

1. Restoring Bacterial Balance

First and foremost, physicians prescribe probiotics when there is an imbalance present — when there is too much of the bad bacteria that is creating problems in the body. 

Consequences of there being too much bad bacteria can lead to several health complications that include, but are not limited to, allergies, mental health complications, problems with bowel movements, etc.

IN SUMMARY: Taking probiotic supplements can help restore balance to the digestive system when there is too much of the bad kind. 

2. Detoxifying from Within

In recent news, detoxing has come under fire due to the malevolent nature of some supplements that promote “detoxing” as a way to lose weight quicker. This is simply not the case.

As a rule, the body usually already has everything that it needs in order to properly remove toxins from the body. However, modern diets being what they are and the popularity of stress and lack of sleep and water, more people are holding on to more toxins than they should. Introducing probiotics into the routine helps the body’s already natural processing and helps to combat against the external stressors that get the body keeping in toxins unnecessarily.

For example, it’s more than healthy for a human body to pass excrement at least twice a day. Nowadays, most people only defecate a few times a week, which means their bodies are holding onto those toxins that should have already passed. 

A benefit of taking probiotics, then, is a helping hand to the body’s natural detoxifying process.

3. Clarifying the Skin

A recent 2015 study suggests probiotics also have an effect on the body’s largest organ: the skin. The skin is, of course, the first thing that people see when they want to know if they’re sick. The skin gives off warning signals when there’s something wrong. The biggest sign of a healthy body is healthy skin.

When there is too much acne or blemishes that occur on the skin, that could be a sign that the body is not processing the food that you’re intaking as well as it should. When your body cannot process this food that you’re eating very well, it finds other ways to retreat from the body such as through the pores. When your pores then become clogged with toxins and excess sebum, it leads to unsightly blemishes and in some cases, severe acne.

IN SUMMARY: Taking probiotics can help the digestive system break down food that your body may not normally digest as well, letting it process through your body more naturally without creating excess sebum or stress. In some cases this has led to a glowing, more radiant and blemish-free complexion. 

4. Calmer Allergies

There are many food-specific allergens that can be diminished or even disappear entirely over time, when the body is introduced to a healthy balance of internal bacteria. 

Introducing the body to good, external bacteria such as probiotics could allow the gut to heal itself from allergens and effectively train the body from the inside so that it then learns to accept the foreign food substance as the food that it is instead of an internal invader of the bloodstream. 

5. Easier Digestion

As probiotics are concerned primarily with the digestive tract, and helping your system process food better, it goes without saying that digestion is further aided by the introduction of good, friendly bacteria. It all boils down to the restoration of bacterial balance, and yet the side effects continue to branch out.

For example, when the digestive system is too clogged up or sluggish, it could lead to the body feeling and looking more bloated. 

When healthy, friendly bacteria is there to help the digestion process along while you eat, your body processes food particles better and further aids in the detoxifying of the body.

6. A Strengthened Immune System

Most of your immune system can be found in the gut. This is the center of processing so that your body continues to function in the way that it was designed to thrive. According to a recent 2019 study maintaining a healthy balance of good, friendly bacteria in the gut can assist in keeping the immune system as strong as it can be. 

When your body lacks necessary good bacteria, it becomes more susceptible to common illnesses such as colds, flus, and infections which could then grow to more serious ailments such as bronchitis, pneumonia, and more. 

IN SUMMARY: Introducing healthy bacteria in the form of probiotics to your diet could further strengthen your immune system, keeping you as strong as possible.

7. A Healthier Heart

It is no secret that with modern diets, more and more good have higher fat, sugar, and carbohydrate content than ever. It has never been more important to maintain healthy, balanced bacterial flora in the gut in order to protect your heart as well. 

As you may know, food that is high in bad fat and sugar can lead to higher cholesterol and blood pressure.

IN SUMMARY: According to some research, taking probiotics could allow your digestive system to process food better so that it does not clog up your heart, protecting you from potential cardiovascular problems. 

There are many probiotic benefits that taking supplements can assist with. It is important to keep yourself informed before taking them and if negative symptoms arise, consult your physician immediately. Remember to always consult your doctor before trying anything new.

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