GutMD Review by 1MD: Gut Health Supplement

Your gut can affect so many essential functions in your body; your mood, digestion, skin, immune system, and more! If you’re suffering from poor gut health then you’re likely to be experiencing a wide range of uncomfortable symptoms. It can be difficult searching for the right supplement, so we’ve taken a look into GutMD by 1MD for you.

IN THIS ARTICLE: We’re going to look at GutMD ingredients, reviews, pricing and more. Once you finish reading this article you should have a good idea of whether GutMD is right for you.

What can GutMD do for you?

1MD is the company that manufactures GutMD. They specialise in products containing high quality, tested, and proven ingredients that have been combined in doctor-formulated dietary supplements.

This particular product is backed by Dr. David Kahana, MD. 1MD place emphasis on wanting their customers to live long, healthy lives and aim to promote this with their range of products to assist with everything from joint health all the way to metabolism.

From their website, here are the main benefits 1MD expects you’ll see with GutMD:

  • Optimised nutrient absorption
  • Reduces harmful bacteria in your stomach
  • Supports immune health
  • Reinforcement and protection of the delicate gut lining in order to prevent toxins from leaking into the bloodstream (leaky gut)
  • Improves overall gut and digestive health
  • Contains prebiotics to help probiotics thrive and multiply in your gut, maximising benefits

Now that we’ve seen what 1MD claims their product can assist with, let’s put the active ingredients under a microscope to see if they’ll actually work the way they’re intended to.

Active ingredients in GutMD 

There are 4 main ingredients in GutMD, we’re going to take a closer look at each and the science behind why they may or may not work to improve gut health.


This ingredient is an amino acid, which means it’s basically what makes up the proteins in your body. It’s produced naturally by humans and a healthy individual won’t have an issue generating enough to meet the body’s needs – so supplementation isn’t always necessary. 

However, if you’re finding your gut health is a bit lacking then this might be your ticket to restore it. L-glutamine is a huge source of energy for immune and intestinal cells1, feeding them to boost their effectiveness and strengthen the intestinal wall2, preventing toxins from entering the bloodstream and causing countless issues.

It’s also able to modulate inflammation whilst encouraging the growth and health of those intestinal cells3.

Whilst uncommon, an L-glutamine deficiency could have some very inconvenient effects on your health. Poor nutrient absorption4, decreased energy levels, lower immune health and bowel irregularity are just a few signs to be on the lookout for.

Although it’s not an essential amino acid, we believe it’s a clever choice to include L-glutamine in this supplement for reinforced gut health.


Derived from licorice root, native to Europe and Asia where it’s actually classed as a weed, this ingredient comes from the plant Glycyrrhiza glabra.

Studies suggest it has antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antitumor properties.

This includes fighting inflammation and infections, easing stomach pain and combatting ulcers and increasing the production of healthy mucous in the body.

The glycyrrhizic acid also may fight off harmful bacteria to prevent excess mucosal damage and promote gastric relaxation. Although that can have a laxative effect in some if you consume too much.

Acacia Fibregum

This is a type of dietary fibre that comes from the sap of acacia trees and works as a prebiotic which feeds the friendly bacteria in your gut to help them grow and thrive.

It’s a slow fermenting fibre that is less likely to cause gas and bloating (like other fibres might) but more likely to reach the very last parts of your colon.

As it makes its way through your body, it encourages the growth of certain beneficial bacteria that produce acids to feed the cells lining your intestinal wall. This means it could strengthen your gut barrier on its journey.

1MD claims it may also regulate your insulin to prevent any sudden or abnormal weight gain or loss, reducing any nasty surprises for you when you step on the scales.


Human identical oligosaccharides (HiMOs) are made to mimic the benefits of human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) that occur naturally in breast milk. HMOs are prebiotics, just like the acacia fibregum we discussed above, and they help to populate infants’ intestinal microbiome assisting them with developing health immune systems. Similar benefits can be experienced by adults who consume these HiMOs.

The oligosaccharides in breast milk are also believed to actually prevent pathogens and toxins from attaching themselves to other cells, meaning that they reduce the harm they can cause.

Whilst there aren’t many studies on HiMOs, they have been used in infant milk formulas for years with very similar effects to the real HMOs so there’s a good chance that they’re pretty effective.

HMO CARE4U, which is the specific type of HiMOs used in this supplement, have only been produced by one lab so far which may be part of the reason there’s so little research on it.

PLEASE NOTE: In theory, this seems like a good ingredient to include in a gut health supplement as it’s a prebiotic to help populate a strong intestinal flora, however, we would like to see more studies on this ingredient before making a verdict about its effectiveness.

Other ingredients

Apart from the active ingredients that we’ve discussed above, there’s only 2 other ingredients.

  • Vegetable cellulose capsule – The vegetarian casing for your capsules. No known health risks, 100% natural and nontoxic. Generally made from the trunks of pine and spruce trees.
  • Vegetable oil powder – A common and harmless filler with low oxidative deterioration that helps to extend the product’s shelf life.

This product is free of preservatives, soy, gluten, shellfish, and sugar. However, it does contain lactose (milk) which makes it unsuitable for vegans and anyone who might suffer from allergies/intolerances.

GutMD pricing and returns


Each bottle of GutMD will last you around a month if you are consuming the recommended 3 capsules a day. You must take the capsules together and on an empty stomach to benefit from the supplement. Keeping this is mind, we’ve broken down the prices and discounts if you buy in bulk from the 1MD website.

Number of BottlesPrice Per BottlePrice Per ServingFree Shipping
1$49.9956 cents a capsule / $1.68 per servingNo
3$45.9951 cents a capsule / $1.53 per servingYes
6$41.9947 cents a capsule / $1.41 per servingYes

International shipping is $29.95, US Shipping $5.95


If the price of this supplement is a bit daunting, 1MD does have a 90 day money back guarantee to sweeten the deal a bit. If you’re unhappy with the product, you can simply call 1MD to let them know you’re sending the product back or write a notice on the outside of the returns package to specify why.

As long as you return all bottles that were contained in the order you’re wanting to refund, 1MD should return your money within 21 business days (minus shipping costs).

What are the customers saying about GutMD?

So now you know all about the product, the manufacturers, the ingredients and their pricing. It’s time to take a look at what real customers are saying about this product and if the claims measure up to the results consumers are experiencing. 

This is a fairly new product with only 113 reviews on Amazon and a 4.4 out of 5 star rating. They do have many reviews on their website but we opted to look at third party website reviews instead. Here are the results:

Weight loss

One positive reviewer stated that taking this supplement has really helped to shift some stubborn weight. He was a runner prior to consuming GutMD but could never seem to get in shape, even with a good diet and regular exercise. It seems that this product has boosted his gut health and allowed him to capitalise on his running efforts. Another reviewer mentioned she has noticed her stomach is flatter than normal after meals, indicating her gut may be utilising her food more efficiently.

Tummy troubles

Reviewers mention that bloating, nausea and acid reflux have all calmed down after taking this product, allowing the customers to enjoy the foods they love more often without the uncomfortable consequences. A fair few reviewers also mention general stomach discomfort has decreased with GutMD, even before the full 30 day bottle has been used up.


Unfortunately, some reviewers mention that GutMD makes them nauseous after their morning dose. However, they don’t mention whether they are taking the capsules on an empty stomach or not, which is recommended on the bottle. Either they’re taking it too close to when they’re eating food and this is upsetting their stomach or they’re taking this on an empty stomach as recommended and the product just isn’t agreeing with them. Either way, there weren’t many reviews like this.

Leaky Gut

A few reviewers who suspected they were experiencing symptoms of leaky gut syndrome (skin issues, stomach pain, etc.) mentioned that their health concerns improved after taking GutMD consistently. This suggests that the product is working to reinforce their gut lining.


One reviewer on Amazon mentioned he was offered a free bottle of their product by 1MD if he would write them a review. This may be the case with a few other reviewers and could skew them towards writing a more positive review than they would have written if they weren’t offered the freebie. This might be something to keep in mind when reading the positive reviews on GutMD, even from third party sources.

GutMD Summary

From the research we’ve found, this seems to be a thoughtfully formulated supplement that contains some excellent ingredients for improving gut health. L-Glutamine and licorice root seem to be the 2 ingredients supported most by research and it’s a wise choice to combine them in GutMD. We also love that this product is simple with minimal fillers and ingredients – the true mark of a well-considered, quality product.

The price for this product is a little more on the expensive side but it is backed with a pretty solid returns policy. We would like to see more reviews on third party websites as it’s difficult to get a gauge on the product’s performance with so little reviews outside of the 1MD website. However, our independent research on the ingredients in GutMD suggest it may be beneficial and worth a try if you’re suffering from poor gut health.

Why is gut health important?

There are so many reasons to take care of your gut! Your body is home to trillions of good and bad bacteria, most of these bacteria actually live in your gut controlling a number of essential bodily functions. Here’s just a few:

  • Balancing hormones
  • Breakdown of food and absorption of nutrients
  • Affecting mental health and mood through the ‘gut-brain axis’
  • Responsible for about 70% of your immune response and function
  • Regulating bowel movements
  • Influencing and regulating weight gain/loss

When the good bacteria in your gut, called probiotics, are outweighed by the bad bacteria, you might begin to notice a variety of negative health effects from mild annoyances all the way to potentially life-threatening illnesses. Symptoms like chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), weight gain, candida overgrowth (thrush), low immune health and more are just some of the problems you might notice if your gut health is out of balance.


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