Review of Complete Probiotics Platinum: #1 Comprehensive Guide

Complete Probiotics Platinum

Finding the perfect probiotic in the ever expanding health and wellness supplement market can be a struggle. We’ve made it a little easier for you with this comprehensive guide on one of the best probiotic supplements available right now – Complete Probiotics Platinum by 1MD. IN THIS ARTICLE: Find out which strains it contains, possible … Read more

GutMD Review by 1MD: Gut Health Supplement


Your gut can affect so many essential functions in your body; your mood, digestion, skin, immune system, and more! If you’re suffering from poor gut health then you’re likely to be experiencing a wide range of uncomfortable symptoms. It can be difficult searching for the right supplement, so we’ve taken a look into GutMD by 1MD for you. … Read more

7 Best Probiotic Yogurt Brands for 2022

Best Probiotic Yogurt

Best Probiotic Yogurt: If you’re wanting to find out a little more about how your favorite food can benefit your overall health and well being, you’ve come to the right place! We’re going to take a look at what exactly goes into making probiotic yogurt, how it can benefit you and how exactly to choose … Read more

Gut Connect 365 Review [Leaky Gut Supplement]

Gut Connect 365

GUT CONNECT 365 OVERVIEW: Gut Connect 365 is a nine ingredient supplement that claims to nourish and protect the gut lining. If you’re someone who’s experiencing symptoms of leaky guy syndrome and wanting to try a supplement then this article should be useful for you.  IN THIS ARTICLE: We’ve analysed GutConnect 365 by United Naturals to see … Read more

The Best Probiotic Foods for Optimal Gut Health

IN THIS ARTICLE: Nourishing your body with healthy foods and a well-balanced diet has always been vital to health and well being, however, being a bit more selective with the foods you’re consuming can boost your gut health significantly. Eating fermented food and drinks can help you consume beneficial bacteria that can have some seriously great … Read more

What Are Prebiotics? The Ultimate Guide

If you’ve heard of probiotics and how they can benefit your immune system, digestive tract and overall health, then it’s highly likely you’ve also heard of prebiotics. But what are they exactly and how can they benefit you? We’re taking a look into what they are, where to find them and which aspects of your … Read more

The 7 Key Benefits of Probiotics

As a rule, everything we need, we already have.  Of course, there are always exceptions, but in the literal case of the body, it is anatomically designed to not only survive but to thrive. However, every narrative needs a villain and in the case of human life, there are things that work against us and … Read more